21 July 2011

Can’t get to the beach this summer?  Come and see the sea lions instead!

Woburn Safari Park’s Californian sealions, Monica, Leoni, Spratt and Kira are happily splashing about in their pool and are clearly delighted with it’s new filtration system.

WSP Sea Lion

They are practising their flipper tricks and skills in time for the busy summer holiday period and can’t wait to show off to the crowds that flock to see them. 

You can learn all about these amazing animals at 1.45pm and 4pm every day, in the fascinating talks from keepers at Woburn Safari Park.

Meet the sea lions
Monica is fifteen years old and came to Woburn from Blackpool Zoo, she is very energetic but has a very short attention span which can be quite tricky for the keepers and their training sessions. Leoni is Monica’s daughter and is 9 years old, she is probably the most playful of the group. Then there is Spratt, she is sixteen years old and the most dominant female in the group. And finally Spratt’s daughter, Kira who is 9 years old and is the most timid amongst the group of females.

The new system is a much more efficient system, that will provide much cleaner water without the use of chemicals!  It uses a combination of ultra violet, ozone and biological trickle beds to clean the water.

Did you know:

-Sea lions eat more than 10% of their own body weight in fish per day!
-On land sea lions can out pace a walking human! 
-Sea lions can dive to up to depths of 200m and hold their breath for up to fifteen minutes.       

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