The Woburn Estate and its various businesses recognize that our daily activities impact on the environment, especially in terms of waste production and disposal, energy consumption and water use. Woburn Enterprises Partnership is committed to managing activities and operations to minimize this impact. Therefore our policy refers to all of the products, services and activities across the Estate.

We are committed to:

• Continually improving its environmental performance in relation to its activities, products and services.
•  Complying with current and future legislation related to the environment and its protection alongside other Zoo industry standards.
•  Preventing pollution and monitoring and reducing adverse impacts of its operations and activities on the environment.
•  Reducing energy consumption through introducing energy efficient lighting, heating and equipment where practicable and incorporating energy efficiency measures, where possible, into any new building designs.
•  Reducing the amount of waste disposed to landfill by adopting the waste hierarchy.
•  Training staff to increase their awareness of environmental issues relevant to the company to encourage their effective management of environmental impacts.
•  Developing interpretation to provide visitors with the opportunity to further their understanding of environmental issues.
•  Continually investigating more environmentally sound methods of animal waste and other waste disposal.
•  Reducing water usage, some through the re-use of some of the waste water produced, and through the recirculation of water around the grounds. Increasingly using fair trade suppliers.
• Maintaining regular contact with Government Environment and Energy help lines to ensure up to date advice to continually enhance our environment work at Woburn Safari Park.